Allergy Testing/Immunotherapy

Allergy Testing

  • At Paradise Pediatrics we offer Allergy Testing for our patients!

  • If you would like Allergy Testing, please call our office to set up an appointment with Dr. Southerland.

    • Children must be over the age of 6 in order to participate in allergy testing. For kids younger than 6 years old, we can order bloodwork instead.

​Click here for additional information about allergy testing and specific patient instructions about what to do prior to getting allergy testing done​

DO NOT TAKE ANTIHISTAMINES (claritin, zyrtec, benadryl, singulair, etc.) FOR 1 WEEK PRIOR TO TESTING


  • Immunotherapy is offered after allergy testing is completed and results are reviewed by the doctor and patient.

  • Immunotherapy is used as a long-term treatment for allergies that are not well controlled by medications and avoidance measures. 

  • Immunotherapy consists of subcutaneous injections every week to build up the patient’s tolerance to their specific allergens. 

Click here for additional information about immunotherapy and dosing guides